Expansion Consulting in Argentina

Argentina: A Market of Opportunities

How to Open an Import-Export Company in Argentina?

If you are interested in expanding your business to Argentina, importing and distributing products, or exporting goods to international markets, you are in the right place.

Advantages of Importing
in Argentina:


Gradual opening to imports and reduction of tariffs.


Incentive Regime for Large Investments (RIGI).


Potential for economic growth and inflation control.

Types of Companies in Argentina:

Corporation (S.A.)

Ideal for large investments.

Limited Liability Company (S.R.L.)

For small and medium-sized businesses.

Simplified Stock Company (S.A.S.)

Flexible and quick to establish.

Registration and Licensing

At Comex Consultores Asociados, we help you register and license your company with key agencies such as ANMAT, INAL, INTI, SENASA, among others, ensuring that your business complies with all legal requirements.

Expansion Consulting in the Argentine Republic

We assist foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in Argentina by forming a company authorized to operate in foreign trade.

Our team of professionals includes accountants, lawyers, and foreign trade specialists who will advise you on:

Types of existing companies

Advantages and limitations of each type

Procedures for their establishment

Timelines and costs

Comprehensive solutions for your expansion into the national market

Storage and Distribution

We offer storage in free zones, allowing partial nationalization of goods according to distribution demand, optimizing logistics and costs.

International Units

We have commercial units in Barcelona, Spain, and Miami, USA, to advise companies on opening new business units in Argentina.

Ready to expand your business in Argentina?

Request a meeting with one of our specialists and get comprehensive advice on regulations, costs, timelines, and everything you need to open your import-export company in Argentina.