About Comex

We provide a full consultancy on customs and foreign trade matters.

Comex Associated Consultants

Foreign trade consulting

We have extensive experience in assisting players in various industries, from industrial additives, through thinners, paints, aerosols, petroleum derivatives, software, hardware, art, machinery, multimodal logistics, animal genetics, medical technology, valves, beverages, waxes and construction materials to inputs for road works.

Throughout our professional journey, our activity has undergone an accentuated metamorphosis as a consequence of our clients' demand to solve diverse needs and challenges that their activities impose on them.

As a result, we have developed a wide range of services, until we consolidated our position as integral managers in foreign trade, covering all the needs of our clients, who can concentrate and delegate in a single operator all the activities related to their export and/or import business, without the need of having their own structure for this purpose or having only a control structure, and allowing them to focus on their main activity or core business.

Our objective

To provide an integral and personalized service to our clients according to the needs of each company in the international trade operations, so that they can obtain competitive advantages, expand their market share and reduce their costs.

Professional team

The need to provide all the services and solutions required in foreign trade has allowed us to build a professional team with a wide diversity of technical and knowledge profiles.

Our team is made up of professionals in customs clearance and foreign trade, economics with MBA in International Logistics and MBA in Business Internationalization, business administration with MBA in Marketing and systems analysis, in addition to a wide professional staff of accounting, legal and execution support in various public agencies, port terminals, air cargo and bonded warehouses.


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